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     Bricked Inc., a thriving masonry contracting business in Fresno California, established in 1995 with entrepreneur Todd Stinski. Through high productivity standards and the dedication of the crews, the business has grown into one of the top mason contracting businesses in the Central Valley. Focusing on commercial, industrial, residential and custom projects, Bricked Inc. continues to concentrate on the basics that got them where they are – Safety, Quality, and Production.

     Progressive pay and competitive bidding are what make Bricked Inc. stand out from the competition; however, the relentless pursuit of safety, quality, and production on each individual job is the driving force behind every decision made in daily operations. Bricked Inc. remains committed to providing the highest integrity service to the commercial, industrial, and residential masonry customer.

     The company believes in providing the best service and professionalism to customers, and effectively maintains this in every aspect of each job.



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